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Gravel Road into the Forest

Growth &

Adimpex is a commodity company located in Istanbul, Turkey.  We are dedicated to being an active and accountable participant of the community and the environment in which we represent. Sourcing and Marketing is our key competencies to deliver what we promise to our customers across the world. Adimpex acts as a representative and provides its customers the right products.  We assure worldwide reliable commodity supplies at market prices. Our core values are based on building long lasting relationships with both our customers and vendors. Adimpex places itself as a business solution partner to the trading market through its complete offering of products and raw materials. As Adimpex Foreign Trade moves into the future, we are continually expanding our product portfolio in order to better serve the needs of our clients. We improve our trading activities with strategic possessions offering valuable insights into marketplaces where we operate and allowing us to optimize the sourcing. Adimpex stands firm in its commitment to the industry and look forward to shaping our world.

Parallel Lines

Our Quality Guarantee

At Adimpex we are bringing growth, ingenuity, and experience to market by our commitment to sustainability and acting in an environmentally friendly way.

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